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  1. How to activate service Internet banking of UBB, U-online?
  2. What type of technical equipment is necessary for Internet banking?
  3. I receive a message “Inactive user!” while I am trying to start the Internet banking
  4. When I try to start Internet banking I receive a message “Incorrect user or password!”
  5. When I try to start Internet banking I receive an error code and Internet Explorer shuts down
  6. Trying to start Internet banking, I receive a message  “Lock password”
  7. When I try to start “Request for new Certificate” or “QES request” nothing happens
  8. I am representing another company as well. How should I specify the User ID of this other company on the login page for Internet banking?
  9. How can I issue a client certificate?
  10. I am not authorized to make the settings described in the above item for digital certificate download?
  11. How to make a copy of my digital certificate?
  12. How can I install my digital certificate from a copy?
  13. I don’t see Payments menu after login?
  14. What type of document I can fill in to change my e-banking profile?
  15. How to use U-Online via Mozilla Firefox?
  16. Instruction of using U-online for clients physical entities with active operations.
  17. When I start “Request for New Certificate” I receive a message and don't get a certificate.
  18. When I sign e-documents I receive a message “Your certificate is not valid for signing”, “Invalid signature” or other error message.
  19. When I start Internet banking the web site loads too slow
  20. Where I can check details for Open deposit that I have been created by Internet Banking – on what date, currency and frequency of payment of the interest?
  21. How my Open deposit will accumulate at interest and how interest will be paid?
  22. How to add my Open deposit to the list of my accounts, so that I can make transfers and reports about it?
  23. How I can increase amount of my Open deposit or make payments from it?
  24. My Qalified Electronic Signature (QES) cannot be register about using in Internet banking U-online. What can I do?
  25. What I need to know about U-code?
  26. I start U-online with "Active mode", I receive SMS password, а message "Your previous temporary password is active" and cannot continue?
  27. Can I use Internet banking with Apple Mac, Linux, with tablet or mobile phone?