• Utility Bills
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    Register for utility bill payment with online banking.

    Utility Bill Payment service ensures:

    • Convenience - You save time by avoiding pay-desks of utility companies and queues for monthly bill payment.
    • Control on bill payments - UBB transfers the due amounts either automatically, or after your manual confirmation.
    • Comfort – you control your money movement with free SMS notifications:
      • SMS notification of incoming monthly payables with the respective payment deadline;
      • SMS notification about a non-effected payment
    • Keeping of payment deadlines - Each month UBB pays your obligations within the specified deadlines, thus eliminating the risk of having a service suspended due to a forgotten or unpaid bill.
    • Grace period for credit card payments – non-accrual of interest within 45 days of the payment date (in case of full repayment of the total amount from the latest monthly statement).
    • Planning of payments – You select yourself the number of utility companies to which you will pay your bills through this service.

    How to activate the Utility Bill Payment service in online banking?

    • Register through Payments menu, Bills, Utility Bills Management , where you can add:
      • a current account in Bulgarian leva, or
      • an active credit card.

    The registration permits use of all UBB credit cards, except OK ones.

    Further details: